Frequently Asked Questions

1.  How do I set up an appointment to see this house?

2.  How much is the rent and damage deposit?

3.  Are there any restrictions?

4.  Where is it?  How do I get there?

5.  What's the neighborhood like?

6.  What's the school district?

7.  Who manage's the property?

8.  I'ld like to fill out an application to rent this house.  Can I do it now?

1. Contact Terry Cullen:

Cell phone at 612-226-2662

E-mail at



2. Rent is $1,595 per month.



3.  Yes.  No more than 3 unrelated people.  No cats.  Dogs will be considered (with references),  and additional damage deposit.



   Map of 1821 Parker Road
St. Louis Par, MN 55326



5.  Located in Kilmer Pond, a great friendly neighborhood.   This house is only a few blocks from two parks, a pond, and a popular walking path.



6.  Minutes from Hopkins High School and Tanglen Elementary School (one of the finest in the state).



7.  Terry Cullen, the same guy you talk to and rent from.  Lives 10 minutes away and is a general contractor who can take care of any maintaince issues quickly.


 8. To fill out an Application form click here.

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